Binance Community Coin Voting Round 8

Binance on Monday announced its 8th Round of Community Coin Vote; the selected coins for voting are Chromia (CHR) and SWFT Coin (SWFTC). 
Why vote for Chromia? 
Chromia is a Relational blockchain platform powered by Rell language designed to enable a new generation of highly scalable dApps. The dApps are written in a way that is familiar to developers all over the world. Building a blockchain on Relational database is in itself a huge challenge as it’s never been tried before and the founder team has worked hard to achieve this. Some main highlights of the Chromia project are:

 1. With a Marketcap of just $6.8M it has huge potential for growth

 2. Experienced founders, founded parent company Chromaway in 2014 

3. Some of major achievements of the core team in blockchain technology are the team literally created blockchain space 8 years ago with BTC 2.0 implementation, co-created tokens with colored coins concept, made the first dex ever, co-created sidechain and scalability etc. 

4. First blockchain with integrated Relational Database

5. Based on Rell language, an easy to understand language for developers all over the world to create dApps 

6. The programming language is SQL based and 7x faster and lighter than other languages 

7. Huge partnerships deal with generating $850k revenue 

8. The Green assets Wallet is their flagship app in collaboration with Stockholm Green Digital Finance

 9. Bought a game studio and developing games such as Mines of Dalarnia and Chain of Alliance

 10. Strategic Partnership with multiple companies such as IADB- Inter American Development Bank, NGC, Workinman Interactive, Tech Mahindra, KPMG, NSW-Land registry services, Swedish Land registry Lantmäteriet, SBAB Bank, Andhra Pradesh Govt. and many more. 

11. Mainnet launch is near and staking rewards are going to be one of the best. 

12. Community support has been exceptional, being one of the most vocal and active in crypto space 
With so many achievements and progress made, Chromia is the most deserving candidate to win the Binance Community Vote. Be sure to vote for it. 

Voting information 
The voting will be live for 24 hours, starting at 4:00 AM UTC on May 6th 2020. The number of votes each user receives will be determined by their 8-day average (hourly snapshots) of BNB holdings from 2020/04/28 to 2020/05/06. The minimum requirement to be eligible to vote is 50 BNB. There are even rewards for all voting participants, with winning votes getting a share of the winning coin by splitting the rewards (13,500,000 CHR or 165,000,000 SWFTC), based on the number of votes from each participant. There is a consolation prize for the runners up too with 3100 BNB split based on the number of votes from each participant. 
About Binance 
Binance is a huge ecosystem that offers many services and solutions in blockchain technology. The biggest of them is Binance exchange which is highly popular and is the leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. Other important services include Binance Labs, Binance Dex, Binance Launchpad, Binance X, and Trust wallet.