PAZZI Is Partnering With Amazing DeFi Projects To Ensure Platform Decentralization

In a bid to further achieve its goal to get more users on its photo-centric blockchain-based platform which provides a simple, seamless and secure process of capturing, sharing and trading a graphic memory , $PAZZI is partnering with amazing DeFi projects including, Tomochain, JustLiquidity and Passport Finance. These Tomochain partnership is to help with the […]

VOX Finance $VOX

Vox Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project developed by an independent team of developers, seeking to bring an innovative approach to the new emerging market by providing high-quality and profitable services while relying on the voice of the people to bring in community engagement to the underlying protocol. Concept assessmentThe vision of VOX team is […]

Order of the Black Rose $OBR

Introducing a new kind of NFT with a mythological and historical twist. Order of the Black Rose is a new NFT project that takes inspiration from the mythological story of King Arthur and adds a new twist of lost collected artworks. The story follows as in 12th century the war has corrupted the lands and […]

Staking VOX and First Private Pool of JustLiquidity

Last month after the successful launch of VOX staking, initially with 75 VOX tokens minted per day, and a planned emission cut rate of 45% and burn rate is 2% the operation went smooth and has been going smooth till date. After the first two weeks and careful consideration and analysis of the token economy, […]

Newscrypto Platform- The nerve center for money-making decisions

Today vast amount of information about cryptocurrencies is easily available to us as the internet is filled with Bitcoin and other crypto related information. But the provided info can be overwhelming for anyone and it can be very difficult to sift through all the data to find relevant information. There are also issues with the […]


Fusion is cutting edges by becoming one of the most connected ecosystems in the cryptocurrency landscape, as Fusion’s interoperable architecture is built to suit easy use of developer tools that enables them to build powerful financial applications on the blockchain. However, building financial applications has been made easy by Fusion as any real business that […]


Chromia in the recent weeks has made a lot of achievements in the cryptocurrency world, most especially in the DEFI arena with the partnership announcement of Hedget project which is a new critical layer towards scaling the global $DeFi ecosystem. Hedget believes that option products are a necessary building block for the decentralized finance sector […]


ZelaaPAYae is growing rapidly on a daily basis across the United Arab Emirates as they are partnering with major game changers in the cryptocurrency industry and in the traditional financial markets, their focus is to enhance the way Emiratis do transactions smoothly without hustle, by building an ecosystem to enable transactional utilities around Emirates, that […]

$Geeq AMA July 05, 2020 Recap

Venue: Eljaboom Crpto World Telegram Community Moderator: Jee Guest: Stephanie So and Hans Sundby Jee: Dear Geeq guests, @StephanieS and @hansdallass, many community members would like to Know more about Geeq. Will you please introduce yourselves and Geeq ? Stephanie: Thank you very much, I’m Stephanie So, CDO and Founder of Geeq, I’ve helped to […]

Summary of interview with Sahil Arora (Zelaapay) $Zpae at WBS 2020

In major Virtual Blockchain Conference, World Blockchain Summit – Asia 2020 round, held on 16 July 2020, and attended by major crypto companies, blockchain developers and crypto influencers; Mr Sahil Arora, Founder and CEO of ZelaaPayAE, attended the conference representing ZelaaPayAE and UAE. He talked about how UAE a country with a lot of wealth and with […]