Fusion is cutting edges by becoming one of the most connected ecosystems in the cryptocurrency landscape, as Fusion’s interoperable architecture is built to suit easy use of developer tools that enables them to build powerful financial applications on the blockchain. However, building financial applications has been made easy by Fusion as any real business that […]


Chromia in the recent weeks has made a lot of achievements in the cryptocurrency world, most especially in the DEFI arena with the partnership announcement of Hedget project which is a new critical layer towards scaling the global $DeFi ecosystem. Hedget believes that option products are a necessary building block for the decentralized finance sector […]

$Geeq AMA July 05, 2020 Recap

Venue: Eljaboom Crpto World Telegram Community Moderator: Jee Guest: Stephanie So and Hans Sundby Jee: Dear Geeq guests, @StephanieS and @hansdallass, many community members would like to Know more about Geeq. Will you please introduce yourselves and Geeq ? Stephanie: Thank you very much, I’m Stephanie So, CDO and Founder of Geeq, I’ve helped to […]

$WRX AMA July 05, 2020 Recap

Venue: Eljaboom Crpto World Telegram Community Moderator: Jee Guest: Nischal Shetty Jee: Let’s start with the introduction question:  Dear sir, Nischal Shetty, @nischalshetty  Many community members like to Know more about WazirXIndia. will you please introduce yourself and WazirXIndia? Nischal Shetty: Sure! First of all, thanks a lot for inviting me here. It’s amazing to […]

Geeq™ the most secure blockchain

Introduction Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform that is scalable, inexpensive, and lightweight, it validates blockchains using Catastrophic Dis-sent Mechanism (CDM). The CDM uses anonymous actors as validators who are free to join and leave the system as they please. Geeq is secured by a new type of consensus algorithm called Proof of Honesty (POH) instead […]

Ajoobz V-ID Detailed Summary (VIDT)

A detailed summary on V-ID following the full report done in February 2020. V-ID project by WIDIDI has progressed really well since the last time we made a full report, but first a brief description of V-ID for those who are new to the project. V-ID is a blockchain-powered data validation platform. The aim is to […]

$ZLW AMA June 10th, 2020 Recap

Venue: Eljaboom Crypto World Telegram Community Moderator: Eljaboom Guest: Nikolay Shkilev Nikolay Shkilev: Short BIO about me: Nikolay Shkilev, PhD Co-Founder and CEO of Founder of Private Business Club  Rated Top 3 in People of Blockchain. Serial entrepreneur. A businessman with 20 years of experience of owning different types of businesses, ranging from Ecommerce, […]

V-ID partners with SoftTech Automation

An important update from V-ID team, V-ID has partnered with a Dutch tech company SoftTech Automation to work together on multiple projects regarding the protection of certificates. With the combination of powerful VIDT tech and ultra-professional SoftTech developers, a number of organizations can verify and authenticate their published information and safeguard them against fraud and […]

Chromia entering Indian market क्रोमिया का भारतीय क्रिप्टो मार्केट में प्रवेश

Great news for Indian crypto enthusiasts, Chromia made its entry into Indian exchanges by listing in two of the top exchanges in India, WazirX and CoinDCX. Interestingly both exchanges announced the listing on same day on June 02. WazirX has listed and begun trading $CHR token on $CHR/$USDT pair at June 02, 2020 and CoinDCX […]

$BOA AMA May 20th, 2020 Recap

Jee: Let’s start with the introduction question: Dears, @boaplaton and  @sodamp,  Many community members may never heard about BOSAGORA before.  will you please introduce yourselves and BOSAGORA ? Sodam Park: Hi Jee, great to be here once again for the AMA. I and @boaplaton are both BDs for BOSAGORA. BOSAGORA aims to establish a decentralized, […]