Chromia in the recent weeks has made a lot of achievements in the cryptocurrency world, most especially in the DEFI arena with the partnership announcement of Hedget project which is a new critical layer towards scaling the global $DeFi ecosystem. Hedget believes that option products are a necessary building block for the decentralized finance sector to grow and mature in the near future. 

However, Hedget is a decentralized protocol that will be using the Chromia blockchain to enable faster and cheaper transactions for options trading. Investors and users can now create and trade different option products on-chain. 

Chromia which is a perfect fit for Hedget in terms of decentralized options trading will allocate only settlements to the Ethereum chain and will perform all trading on Chromia, this robust features of Chromia will allow Hedget to operate in a fully decentralized manner and will also have all great benefits of centralized exchanges including a user-friendly UI, a single sign-on (SSO) with the ability to query transactions across chains.

The deployment of Hedget on the Chromia Mainnet will be boosting the use of Chromia and scaling the ecosystem. This means using $CHR to rent resources and in the future, Hedget tokens can be transacted with other DeFi dapps built on Chromia.