CZ AMA on Twitter

CZ CEO and founder of Binance held a live AMA on February 7th on Twitter via Periscope, this was his first AMA in 2020 and he talked on a wide range of topics from Binance futures, WRX launchpad, expanding P2P service in multiple countries, Binance Cloud and donating to the cause of fighting Coronavirus. Later he answered various questions asked by viewers, ranging from infrastructure improvements and adding new features to Binance Chain and Binance Dex, about BNB staking, about Binance lending, his health, and his personal interests, future listings on Binance exchange etc.

Ajoobz founder Eljaboom asked an important question in the live stream about how CZ sees the future of the partnership between WazirX and Binance from a visionary point of view.

CZ in his response said, “We found WazirX founder Nischal Shetty a successful and serial entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses found by him and when it comes to crypto our visions align and by working together we can help them learn more and they can grow more in Indian market, so we did a full merger to align our interests.”

WazirX is the largest and most trusted crypto exchange of India, who stand out due to their unique auto-matching P2P service, Binance recently acquired WazirX exchange and made an entry into the Indian market with this major deal.

Binance held an IEO of WRX token (the native token of WazirX exchange) priced at $0.02 USD per token at Binance Launchpad on 3rd February and raised a total of $2 Million USD. This was the first IEO of Binance exchange in 2020. The IEO was hugely successful with the price soaring more than 600% after listing on Binance exchange on the 5th of February. The current price of the token is $0.10 USD with a daily volume of $43M USD, the current Marketcap is $15M USD and the circulating supply is more than 146 Million tokens. WRX is a token on Binance Chain and is currently listed on Binance and WazirX exchange.