Lack of liquidity has been one of the major problems affecting the cryptocurrency market and the cryptocurrency community at large. This raises concerns for both crypto traders and holders. JustLiquidity solves this exact problem and with its DeFi project.

JustLiquidity aims to provide token holders with amazing liquid rewards, which in turn increases the JUL token price gradually. The benefits that JustLiquidity offers is incredible compared to what other platforms offer. The earning potential of 72% yearly where users can earn 0.2% daily on all ETH liquidity deposits and the fact that it’s been paid daily is amazing. The more exciting news is that there are no withdrawal penalties if you decide to add or remove your ETH deposits.

How Users Can Benefit Trading The JUL Token

The JUL token does not just serve as an ordinary coin contributing to the long list of ever-growing DeFi projects. It provides a solution which most projects have not been able to solve. Users can deposit ETH into a JustLiquidity contract, then all ETH and project token gets deposited into the Uniswap Liquidity pool. More liquidity provided means more tokens released into the liquidity pool.

In addition, the total amount of JUL token in circulation increases as more liquidity enters the platform and invariably decreases when liquidity is removed from the pool. This process happens in a simple, seamless and hitch-free manner. This also helps in gradual appreciation of JUL’s market value. JUL token holders can expect a very steady ROI and users can trade JUL on Uniwsap.

More Exchange Listing for JUL

In recent weeks, JUL has been listed on both coinmarketcap and coingecko. Exchanges including Hotbit, Sushiwsap and Klever have also added JUL to their platforms. In the coming weeks, announcements are expected to be made about beta launch of JustLiquidity and JUL have also applied to be on the Binance Smart Chain