Fusion Is Globally Leading DeFi Adoption With The DCRM Technology

Fusion continues to contribute to the growth of Decentralized Finance and solving a major problem of traditional finance by allowing people full control of their assets. These “baby steps” has gone beyond solving interoperability grown to having $FSN as a major token in the Cryptocurrency world. The DCRM technology, which Fusion is built upon has not gone unnoticed too.

Fusion doesn’t just offer solution to the problems faced by traditional finance but also offers blockchain-backed solutions to solve reliance, inefficiency and costly fees issues by DeFI projects to solve these limitations and is leading the charge in increasing interoperability in the blockchain space.

UNI Listing On Anyswap

Following the listing of the FSN/USDT pair on the Anyswap Network (which is built on Fusion’s DCRM protocol) , Fusion’s impact in the DeFi space has been hitting milestone after milestone as Anyswap announced  the listing of Uniswap’s new UNI token and opened UNI/FSN and UNI/BNB pairs for trading with rewards for Uniswap holders.

As a sign of gratitude for Uniswap’s contribution to the DeFi ecosystem with its ever-reliable community, Anyswap hosted an airdrop to Uniswap community members who have used the platform in the past two years and had users rewarded 49,192 unique Liquidity Provider addresses and 251,534 swap addresses that received UNI with an airdrop of 1 ANY and 1 ANY-BEP2 each.  Users in that category can access their airdrop through the following links Anyswap on Fusion and on the Binance Smart Chain.

The coming days will see Fusion further advocate for DeFi’s growth, have users enjoy the benefit of minimum transaction fees and speedy transaction completion, get FSN paired with major coins and announce new listings.