The Silica neXus project under Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC is creating a virtual universe blending all existing technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Simulators, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cryptocurrency, Internet of Things (IoT), Consumer games and Out of Home Entertainment in a unified platform.

This Cross-Reality (XR) universe will be a truly cross-platform experience, accessible through any gaming device from mobile, console and desktop to arcade, location-based entertainment and theme park installations with different capabilities and contextual interfaces.

  • Concept Assessment

    Today's gaming industry, virtual entertainment, and entertainment technology is a huge market worth billions of dollars but it's spread out on multiple platforms and technologies.
    The main objective of Silica neXus project is to create a single universe for gaming and virtual entertainment where all users can interact with each other without any obstacles and experience unprecedented fun while gaming.
    This is done through their innovative 'Contextual Based Interfaces' that allows inter-device interaction through a single account. With its help, gaming and entertainment experiences from different devices will be merged contextually into one single virtual universe.

  • Financial Competency

    The Droid tokens are the fundamental building blocks that run the Silica neXus Cross-Reality universe. The tokens will be used to trade, buy or sell NFTs and other collectibles in the Silica neXus marketplace which is part of PAE (explained below).
    The total supply is 1 trillion tokens which may sound huge but they are competing against the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Apple, moreover they have to provide tokens for up to 2.7 billion video gamers and reward their game developers, in which case even 1 trillion tokens may not be sufficient. They had an IEO at LA Token exchange and will start listing on exchanges by Q4 2019.

  • Business/Marketing Proposition

    Player acquisition is the hardest thing for any gaming company. As a solution, Convergence has created the PAE "Player Acquisition Engine", it is a Player-Acquisition-As-A-Service with three access points
    1. The Prize neXus will disrupt the redemption center by offering digital prizes or Crypto collectibles like NFTs instead of traditional prizes.
    2. The neXus Trade Binder App will allow gamers to take their prize home and to trade their video game assets with their friends outside the confines of the game.
    3. The online neXus Marketplace allows the players to trade their NFTs from the web portal.
    The PAE benefits Players, Game Developers, Partners, Arcades and DROID holders.

  • Execution

    The Silica neXus has partnered with top blockchain games such as Etherlegends, Dissolution, Mythereum, and Crypto-Oink and soon their game items or NFTs will be available on the neXus marketplace. The alpha version of the neXus marketplace is already released in Android phones.
    The first arcade kiosk, a beta version, will be placed in a suitable location in Q4, from where players can redeem their tickets and download their favorite NFTs to their phones through the neXus trade binder app.

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The gaming industry is very vast and has multiple platforms with multiple games to play and players would want to share their gaming experience with their friends and family, but it’s almost impossible in current situations to share the fun across different platforms.

Silica neXus can be the best solution for cross reality gaming experience without any barriers and can bring a big change in the gaming world.