$JUL JustLiquidity AMA September 18, 2020 Recap

Justliquidity JUL AMA on 18 Sep 2020, at 12:00 GMT, Recap

Venue: Eljaboom Crypto World-Telegram Community

Moderator: Bechir Del

Guest: Tobias Graf

Bechir Del:

Let’s start the AMA With the Introduction Question . Dear Sir, Tobias Graf , @Tgrypto Could you introduce yourself to our community firstly?



My name is Tobias Graf, 30 years young or old? i dont know   

I am the CEO and Founder of KYC.Crypto and JustLiquidity.

In the first part of my career, I worked for about 11 years as a Finance & Insurance Broker. For two years, in 2015 and 2016, my company was the biggest insurance and finance seller in the German health insurance space. In 2017 I ventured into my own new home in the global Blockchain industry to pioneer new ideas and services.

Twitter Questions

Q1: What is #JUL project and what is the  behind of  the scenes of this project

Can you tell us more about it ? 

what’s the goal and purpose of the #JUL ?

What are the advantages of using #JUL ?

By : @MRM_XO


What is JUL? 

Well, there are currently in the market many small cap and new tokens. These are great concepts and projects, but when people go to trade them, there is either no buyer or seller. So there is no liquidity. It’s a great hassle that everyone has experienced at some point or other.

The other thing we noticed and that’s something everyone today knows –  is that teams and projects dump their share of tokens. No one likes it. They just want to make quick bucks, and let other hodlers and investors down.

We therefore created JustLiquidity as a protocol for Uniswap to solve both these problems at once – there will always be liquidity, and team tokens will be locked. Important to note – this is all 100% decentralized too.

The Goal is simple, we like to protect Token Holders and Traders and to build an Traders Paradise. No Team dumps and always Liquidity!

Advantages Using JUL:

1. instant Liquidity

2. JUL Staking in the JustLiquidity Protocol 

3. JUL Staking in the SwapLiquidity DEX 

4. Unique Trading engine 

5. Government voting options 

It is like your entry card into an world of lucky people because the protocol solves the issues.

Q2: It’s easy to make a token but it’s really hard to make this token valuable? So what’s your startegy to make $JUL token more valuable and what’s your plan to maintain token price ?

By : @Adama37


To setup a token is easy but to make a token valuable is hard work. In the future it will be much easier with the Liquidity Protocol for other projects to get value behind their token, because it is regulated trought the justliquidity protocol. No token without Liquidity. 

If you hold more than 70 JUL and other projects will use the Protocol in the future, than they need to distribute up to 2% from their total supply to all this JUL Tokens holders.  Its like to get an huge airdrop!

Q3: What do you think how is @JustLiquidity going to achieve the Top spot In the #Defi spaceWhere do you see your project will stand in coming 4-5 years!

By : @mhtdevourer



Our Target is of course the top spot but for now we need to start!  

Our Project is unique

Our Community is unique 

Our Team is unique 

what should stop us? 

I think nobody knows whats happens in 4 to 5 years with crypto (it will stay no question) but i think we can use the JustLiquidity Protocol as well in the “fiat world”. Usecases like to backe money with liquidity or backe properties with liquidity. 

Its all possible.

Q4: what are the ways that #JUL generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win 

to both invester and your project ?

By : @Sundari87



We have three sources of income from the Protocol to pay up to 0.2% interest per day for our liquidity providers:

1. Trading fee on uniswap which is max. 0.3% for all trades 

2. JUL Token Sales via Uniswap: A normal ico works like the team sells the tokens and at the end they use it for what ever. The JustLiquidity Protocol sells as well Tokens but the whole liquidity will stay in the Protocol! When people buy on uniswap jul tokens, than the eth liquidity increases. It’s like an ico which use his funds mainly decentralized for the liquidity. 

3. withdrawal and deposit fee

I don’t how fast or slow we will reach the maximum total supply but should we reach the maximum, there will be always a daily switch between liquidity providers which allows nearly an unlimited volume or better an unlimited token price increase option. 

Sample calculation: 

Deposit 5 million $ in ETH

Remove 3 million in ETH 

Completely deposit 20 million $ in ETH

Trading Volume 8 million $ 


Deposit Fee 0.3% = 15,000 $

Withdrawal Fee 0.3% = 9,000 $ 

Trading Fee max. = 24,000 $ 

From the 8 million $ Trading Volume lets say 50% are new Sales with a price from 100$ for one JUL = 4 million $ new Liquidity for JUL 

Payout interest on this day = 40,000 $ 

Thats just a sample and based on the trading volume and the liquidity the price is normally much higher. 

We as Team earn 10% from the Deposit and Withdrawal Fee and we get the Team and Marketing Tokens released when we reached the different liquidity steps.

Q5: When will the official version of JustLiquidity go live? Can you tell me some details about mortgage and income

By : @cuipin


The first development the Token Brdige from ERC20 to BEP goes live tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! 

Upcoming Sunday (20th September) we will launch the Beta Version on the Ethereum Testnet and the main launch is planned for the 01st October (the audits need to be done – without audits no go live) 

We try to launch in the same time on the Binance Smart Chain with our Liquidity Protocol

Telegram Questions


a lot of scam projects out there, guess what guarantees that your project is different from them.


Hi Eva, because it is not possible to scam anyone with the JustLiquidity Protocol: 

All tokens will be locked in the protocol, so no Team dump and there will be just Tokens available to buy on the market when liquidity is available which means always liquidity. 

It is not possible to scam anyoen with this protocol!


Although ETH 2.0 is delayed to next year, but it will solve all exist problem of ETH and become the best choise for dApps in future, so do you think this is a threat for Your project and how could you overcome this barrier?



Hi Spam (maybe a new name is needed because the question is good)  

Thats the reason why we build now the Token Bridge from ERC20 to BEP20 so all users can use the JustLiquidity Protocol as well on the Binance Smart Chain! 

Cheap fees and high speed transactions. 

thats our solution


What is your background and how did you come to the idea to create your project?

As You know, Many people  judge a Project By the Token price, What do you have to Say to investors? What’s the plan to increase the Token Demand?


Hi Jom, i think everyone in crypto bought tokens where he lost money and we like to change it. We build an solution which protects the holders and traders, but the team can earn anyways with good work!

Twitter Questions

Q6 : Can you give me 3 main reasons why I should invest JUSTLIQUIDITY in the long term?What is the advantage of keeping this token for a long and short term ?

By : @LLeeKuanYew


– Instant Liquidity

– locked Team and Marketing Tokens 

– unique Community and Team

It does not change anything in long or short term in my opinion, you need to understand the project to know the potentials.

Q7: how much supply is available for JUL tokens? and where are these tokens 


By : @Moizkhan3344


1 million JUL Tokens total supply 

50k already in circulation 

5% for team – distribution starts when we reached 6,000 ETH Liquidity in the Protocol up to 15,000 ETH Liquidty 

10% for Marketing – distribution starts when we reached 6,000 ETH Liquidity in the Protocol up to 15,000 ETH Liquidty

40% for Trading Pair ETH / JUL – liquidity in, tokens and liquidity into uniswap 

40% for Trading Pair BNB / JUL – liquidity in, tokens and liquidity into uniswap

No team or marketing token distribution without enough liquidity in the protocol.

Q8: What is special about justliquidiry compared to other projectsCan you give us some reasons to convince users to choose justliquidity?

By : @johana0012


Two reasons: 

1. locked team and marketing tokens 

2. instant liquidity 

i dont know if there are more reasons needed because thats normal all what the whole crypto community is asking for! 

Security and Liquidity!

Q9:  What phase are the roadmaps at? What is $JUL trying to solve for the development of the blockchain Industry? What are $JUL current and future targets to be realized?

By : @ovb862311


Like i wrote already above: 

The first development the Token Brdige from ERC20 to BEP goes live tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! 

Upcoming Sunday (20th September) we will launch the Beta Version on the Ethereum Testnet and the main launch is planned for the 01st October (the audits need to be done – without audits no go live) 

We try to launch in the same time on the Binance Smart Chain with our Liquidity Protocol! 

Launch SwapLiquidity DEX planned for start October! 

Launch JustLiquidity Protocol on the Tron Blockchain October / November.

Q10: As we know, every crypto projects needs growth. So what are the plans for JustLiquidity mass adoption in the 


By : @Isroirodip


To get mass addoption in crypto you need a unique and easy product which solves issues. 

With our Product we did the first step into the correct direction! 

Very good Marketing is needed as well and i need to say thanks to all influencers who posted about our Project and a big thanks to @Eljaboom who supported us with a lot of efforts! 

We will continue to provide quality work and quality marketing!

Telegram Questions






you have two options to stake your JUL:

1. you can stake JUL in the Liquidity Protocol and we use 50% from the withdrawal and deposit fee to buy back JUL on uniswap and this JUL will be distributed to all Stakers. If you stake more JUL you get more rewards

2. you can stake JUL in the SwapLiquidity DEX and 0.1% trading fee will be distributed to all JUL stakers. If you stake more JUL you get more rewards


What was your Motivation to build Your Project ?

and what is your vision and mission now?


Hi Loila, 

the motivation is a clean and profitable crypto space. if you can decide between trust the technology and humans, i would always chose the technology, should be the technology audited and open source, otherwise i would chose the humans.


Which wallets currently support just liquidity? How can I start earning with the platform?


Hi Ross,

you can use all ERC20 Wallets where you own your private Key! 

I personal suggest TrustWallet and MetaMask. 

Soon as well BEP20 Tokens which you can store on both.

Bechir Del:


Thank you so much, appreciate everyone being here.


Very good questions and great answers

If you have another questions, you can also ask it in JustLiquidity Telegram Group


Thank you Bechir and Eljaboom for the invitation! 

Thank you Community for your great questions!


An awesome AMA conducted at Eljaboom Crypto Telegram Group, with Tobias Graf, CEO and founder of JustLiquidity. A lot of questions were asked by the community and were aptly answered by Tobias. Overall a very satisfying experience for all participants. Thanks to all who attended the AMA and made it a great success.