JustLiquidity $JUL

JustLiquidity is a liquidity protocol that integrates with Uniswap and Justswap Exchanges and rewards liquidity providers with ETH or TRX and JUL token holders as well, with their unique finance and liquidity engine. It is a new kind of DeFi that is built to provide JUL tokens, and also other tokens, with continuous liquidity, which means the more liquidity is provided the more tokens get released, which is similar to a demand and supply model.

Although Uniswap is the most popular and largest Decentralized Exchange in cryptospace, it has its own limitations that are exploited by many people and projects. JustLiquidity is here to address those issues and make Dex even more safe for its users. There are multiple advantages of using JustLiquidity over Uniswap:

  1. A user can just deposit only ETH for liquidity, and not ETH and the token. This solves the token liquidity issue faced in Uniswap protocol
  2. Daily 0.2% interest on the ETH liquidity, with daily payouts. The rewards are almost double of what Uniswap liquidity providers earn on a yearly basis.
  3. Elastic supply structure, that is when liquidity is added the tokens supply increases and when liquidity is removed the supply decreases from the Protocol, keeping the price in check.
  4. Liquidity can be added or removed anytime by the users in a decentralized way.
  5. Team and marketing tokens can be locked and then released gradually in decentralized way based on the increase of ETH liquidity. This way the teams cannot dump on unsuspecting users and there is stability in the price of token as well.
  6. Decentralized liquidity token sale.

The beta launch is scheduled for 1st September 2020, and the mainnet protocol is expected latest by 1st October 2020. Liquidity pools with the same protocol will also be launched on Tron platform for MIMA token, and later for other tokens as well.


JUL token is an ERC20 token and is the center of JustLiquidity Protocol. The total supply is 1,000,000 JUL tokens and 5% of the supply that is 50,000 tokens are up for sale on presale on 1st September 2020. All tokens except the pre-sale tokens are locked in the liquidity protocol that gets unlocked as the liquidity volume increases thereby stabilizing and then gradually increasing the token price when more liquidity is added. The token distribution is as follows, 45% for ETH trading pair, 20% for future trading pairs, 10% for marketing, 5% for team, and 15% for liquidity protocol. JUL token will also act as a governance token when mainnet protocol is launched. In the governance system, tokens will be released through voting process and voting will be enabled only when 4.5% tokens from total supply are left in JustLiquidity contract.


The core team comprises of six members with extensive experience in industry knowledge, financial services, and technology development. The founder and CEO, Tobias Graf has 10+ years of CEO experience and worked with Wirtschaftskanzlei Mittelschwaben GmbH (Insurance Broker), TGG Holding GmbH (Holding Company) and the project KYC.Crypto (Decentralized KYC Sharing Portal). The CTO, Rohit Changediya is a full stack developer with 6+ years experience, James Smith is the CSO, experienced in determining possible network vulnerabilities and crafting custom exploits. Rahul Trivedi is a Fullstack Developer and Node, stack enthusiast. Rahul Buddhdev, a Blockchain Developer Tron & Ethereum is an experienced full stack developer as well as dApp developer, and Abdul Wahid Memon, Ph.D., Blockchain Specialist is a Professor, Dr. of Computer Science.


JustLiquidity is enabling a new DeFi protocol that empowers users to choose projects and provide liquidity to them while protecting the user’s interests through token locking mechanisms. With this unique protocol, they are addressing a pressing issue of recent times of new projects dumping their tokens on their users.