LUKSO is a multiverse blockchain network where the worlds of fashion, gaming, design, and social media intersect. LUKSO allows developers and creative people to dictate the distribution of wealth and influence from lifestyle activities, develop universal public profiles, create digital identities and certificates, and build tokenized communities. Being an Ethereum sister network, LUKSO is based on the most advanced smart contract protocol- the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and is dedicated to the creation of mainstream applications. The network will be initially governed by a delegated Proof of Stake consensus based on smart contracts (PoSDAO) and HBBFT. 

LUKSO, the blockchain for a new digital lifestyle was created and co-founded by husband-wife duo, Fabian Vogelsteller, and Marjorie Hernández. Fabian Vogelsteller is a former Ethereum developer and author of ERC20 and web3.js – both of which are the foundation for today’s DeFi protocols. Marjorie Hernández is a Caracas-born architect, strategist, and innovation consultant, who in 2015 built and led the EY’s Innovation Lab in Berlin. 

AMA with Ajoobz

An AMA will be held by the Ajoobz Team hosting LUKSO Team on 17 May 2020 12:00 PM (UTC) at the Eljaboom Crypto World-Telegram Community Group to provide deep insight on the LUKSO project, their IEO/ICO, their team, and their future. 


KuCoin is launching an IEO of LUKSO (LYXe) token pre-sale under the KuCoin Spotlight program on May 20. The LYXe token sale on KuCoin will operate using lottery ticket acquisition rules. The token sale participation time starts from May 14, 2020 (UTC+8) and ends on May 19, 2020 (UTC+8). The HardCap limit is 220,000 USDT with a token allocation of 1,000,000 LYXe. The price of LYXe token at pre-sale is 0.22 USDT per token. The token can be bought only by KuCoin Shares (KCS) and the exact price will be announced on the day of token sale. The format of the token sale is through a lottery system where each ticket wins an allocation of 160 USDT worth 727 LYXe tokens. In order to participate users have to hold an average of minimum 100+ KCS during 30 day period (Apr20-May20). KYC verification is mandatory for participation in token sale and should be done before 19 May 2020. For a complete list of rules and eligibility criteria, visit KuCoin website. This will also be the first IEO of KuCoin exchange in 2020. 

Token details 

The total token supply is 100,000,000 LYXe with an initial circulating supply of 2,750,000 LYXe. A private sale was held for 10% of the total tokens (10M tokens) with a vesting period till 2021, when they will be unlocked with the release of mainnet. The price of LYXe token in the private sale was 0.27 USDT. A unique rICO is scheduled on 27th May, it will be first of its kind ICO. To know more about this unique rICO visit LUKSO website. 

About KuCoin

KuCoin also is known as “The People’s Exchange” is a global cryptocurrency exchange for numerous digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Launched in September 2017, KuCoin has grown into one of the most popular crypto exchanges and already has over 5 million registered users from 200+ countries and regions. KuCoin, an IDG-backed exchange offers many services such as Spot Trading, KuMex (Futures), Pool-X (Staking), KuCloud etc. 

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