$LYXe AMA May 18th, 2020 Recap

A recap of an exciting and informative AMA held at Eljaboom Crypto World Telegram Community Group, organized and hosted by Eljaboom and Jee. The guest of honor were Fabian Vogelsteller and Marjorie Hernandez, Co-founders of LUKSO project


Let’s start with the introduction question:

Dears, @frozeman and @marjorieeli many community members may never hear about #LUKSO  before.  will you please introduce yourselves and LUKSO ?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

 I joined the Blockchain space in 2013, but actively started developing within this space in January 2015 when I became part of the Ethereum Foundation.

This was six months before we started the Ethereum mainnet. I was very fortunate as I was at the intersection of developers and users of ethereum. This lead me to built the Mist browser – the first decentralized web3 browser, the official Ethereum Wallet, web3.js – Ethereums most used JavaScript library and influence a lot of the low level APIs of Ethereum like the JSONRPC api and the currently finalized ethereum provider, the little piece that every dapp browser exposes for developers. I proposed the ERC20 token standardin November 2015, which in return lead to a massive interest in fundraising using ICOs.

2017 I proposed a standard called ERC725, which has an alliance around it. This standard is about on-chain profiles and will be heavily leveraged at LUKSO.

Marjorie Hernandez:

Hello Cyrpto World 🙂 Pumped to be here

As you know, I’m the co-founder of LUKSO;  I’m an entrepreneur with a background in architecture, brand development,  strategy, and innovation consultancy. 

For the last 5 years I have been actively working in the Blockchain space. 

Before starting LUKSO, I  built and led the EY’s Innovation Lab in Germany, where I got to work on several Business Implementation using Ethereum for large corporations; I also got to advise the IOTA Foundation (very early on) on a product developed and implemented within the automotive industry.

Twitter Questions

Question 1 by @nandhas

A. Why do you think there is such a huge potential for using blockchain technologies in the fashion industry?

B. Trademark counterfeiting is a serious issue in the fashion industry. What makes the technology used by LUKSO so safe and effective in the fight against trademark counterfeiting. 

Marjorie Hernandez:


A: The fashion industry has been dealing with a buch of issues around transparency and sustainability. Besides not having a proper roadmap for the future, they have been selling the same prodcuts for 70 years  

We all know blockchain is the only way to provide transparency and make people accountable for their actions on a gobal scale.

We see the digitization of fashion and the coming digital disruption as a perfect initial use cases for the LUKSO ecosystem. We are well known in this industry, and some of our initial use cases will focus on digital and physical fashion. Aslo we have solutions for creating digital certificates and identities for RL products.

Fabian Vogelsteller:

Concerning B: Creating a digital certificate allows the fashion item, e.g. a luxury handbag to have a digital identity. This not only allows the item to be owned and sold/bought safely, but it allows a whole new digital experience around those items . This is waht we are most excited about and talking to the top luxury fashion companies about.

Concerning safty: the smart contracts of those items should be deployed by the producer, e.g. the fashion designer, or brand itself. Linking those items can be done through serial numbers, QR codes, or more securely over NFC chips that are able to sign arbitrary messages.

YET, the link itself is not so important, as counterfeit is hardly possible, as only 1 owner ca t a time can own a certain item.

which means that even a simple link like a QR provides much more security as we have today.

Question 2 by  @malachi456

A. you are EVM-compatible smart contracts, so how do you differ from Ethereum SOLIDITY and why have you chosen delegated Proof of Stake consensus based on smart contracts (PoSDAO) and HBBFT

B. please explain more about your Reversible ICO model, it’s a first in crypto space and what are you trying to achieve by this model

Would KuCoin support staking of LUKSO in POOL X for incentives and what’s the REQUIREMENTS

Fabian Vogelsteller:

To be correct. LUKSO uses the EVM as its core, meaning all solidity smart contracts and tools, like web3.js are working with LUKSO as well. The problem with many of the so-called “ethereum killers” is that they want to invent the EVM and its tooling or more crazy just rename the EVM to TVM or whatever (when its still the same). I am coming from Ethereum and we are building on top of this community. YET LUKSO is its own network to create a whole new community and value growth. But most importantly do we need a new network for scalability and cost reasons. Operating today on Bitcoin or Ethereum is slow and expensive. This will not help us gain mainstream adoption.

We chose a proof of stake as its the next generation of blockchain consensus and it provides finality. HBBFT has built it censorship resistence, which prevents block producers from blocking transactions (if there is at least one honest block producer).

Yet we see HBBFT and PoSDAO only as a step stone for the future mainnet consensus of LUKSO, running pure PoS. We are currently aiming for Casper FFG, but want to see how is it working out on the Ethereum beacon chain.

The Reversible ICO is our contribution to make ICOs more fair. It is the first of its kind and a concept I came up with in 2017/18. Its basically different from ICOs in the way, that you don’t buy instantly but over a period of 8 months. This means after for example 55% of the time, you still can get 55% of your ETH back. Our hope is that this we will have the investors that really believe in this project and not the ones who look for a flip.

Concerning KuCoin staking, this is only relevant once the network is live, so nothing is decided in this direction yet. The plan for the mainnet network launch is spring 2021.

Question by 3 ·@M_R_M70

Is there any tend to burn some tokens of supply in the future to stabilize the price?

Do you intend to expand in the Middle East?

Will the currency be included in more platforms soon?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

Around 40% are not finally decided yet. Those are currently planned to be used in future sales, mainly to enterprises and companies that want to utilize the LUKSO blockchain for their users. If the LUKSO foundation sees that the ecosystem is stable and well established we might decide to burn parts or all of that.

We currently will stay exclusively on KuCoin, as the rICO is the other market for the next months. We will let you know should be add more exchanges.

Marjorie Hernandez:


The Middle East is definitely super interesting for us

Question 4 by  @rinnguyen

Do you think lifestyle community is the biggest market of consumers today?

Could you tell me about its Blockchain usecases?

Marjorie Hernandez:

Absolutly, the lifestyle space represent for $1.4 trillion on the global economy. And those guys are not part of our community yet. We want to bring the main-stream to use Blockchain, and empower creators with LUKSO.

Our goal is to make the Blockchain “invisible” and the applications incredibly beautiful.

We are building tools and applications that make it easier and more accessible for developers, regular users and creative producers to use the LUKSO Blockchain, on top of what the Ethereum community has already built Remember LUKSO uses the EVM, so all things from ethereum work on LUKSO as well.

If you guys want to know more about LUKSO’s applications, please check our Whitepaper, we have 100 pages of use cases exploration within the Lifestyle world:


LUKSO, will be the foundation for Digital collectibles, Virtual fashion, proof of Authenticity, Tokenization around Brands and Communities. All of this will all be powered by Universal public profiles that allow you to own, transact, and take your products across different virtual communities.

we are working on a super exciting project with the Helsinki Fashion Week team, which will include some of these components we are working on!

Question 5 by @king_raja

A.What was the main reason that LUKSO chose Kucoin platform for the IEO?

B.How has been the preparation for this? Do you think after this Lukso will see more adoption?

C.What will be the main advantage of Fashion and Lifestyle industry on blockchain?

D.What role Community will play in the growth of LUKSO?

E. As a community member, How Can an Individual Help Lukso to grow further?

F.How do you outstand your competitors? What are the advantages of being a user of your platform than other platforms?

Marjorie Hernandez:

A: as you all know ee have been working on the Reversible ICO since while now, but always had the idea to make a small IEO upfront to get investors excited. 

We talked with a bunch of exchanges and got in contact with KuCoin. 

We liked them as they seem to be more serious and honest than most we have spoken to. 

The trading volume looks more realistic than what many of the other exchanges have, and this fits our interest in creating organic growth around LUKSO.

Another fact is that its an exchange based in Asia. We believe that the use cases we see will be very attractive for that market.

Fabian Vogelsteller:


B: The preperation for this was intense Especially as we are doing the Reversible ICO right after. The Idea for the IEO is to bring LUKSO to the attention of investors, but LUKSO is just getting started, so sure we will see more adoption…


Its all about community, we want to create a new digital lifestyle community! This is the intersection of fashion, gaming, virtual reality and the current social media world.

We will see a big shift in what “tokenization” really means. It will be not about money, but repuation, access and the ability to state ones believes.

Marjorie Hernandez:

C. These industries have a huge community, and the leading companies are a bit behind when it comes to real digital transformation. 

We see an incredible opportunity to provide these industries with the tech to fully digitalized their experiencez, creating identities for your avatar, buying digital clothing and effectively building for the first time a digital economy for a $1.4 trillion industry!

Fabian Vogelsteller:

E: You can join us here:


And read about our past activity here:


And follow us along! But at this stage developers and startups are the ones who will have the most use of LUKSO, as we need to unite around our own digital blockchain economy outside of the current DeFi world!


F: Currently there are no direct competitors, as no blockchain every claimed the digitial lifestyle space for themselves, but this doesnt mean it will happend, and it will happen quickly. The main advantage is our experience and knowledge. I have helped built ethereum and its commnuity where it is today, as I have built the first interfaces that inspired dapp developers, as well as the most used tool for dapp developers (web3.js). But first and formost are standards important! Its one thing to have a network, its another to have basic building blocks that enable developers and startups todo what they want todo, and not re-invent the wheel. I have created the first ever smart contract standard called, ERC 20. I am sure you all heard of it

Telegram Questions


What are the main functions of token?

What motivated you to develop and build the Project successfully?

Marjorie Hernandez:

LYX is the native cryptocurrency of the future LUKSO blockchain. 

It is necessary for transaction fees that block producers receive, and also necessary for staking – if you want to become a block producer.

You will also be able to delegate your stake, if you’re a smaller holder.


How Lukso encourages the fashion sector to extend its presence beyond social networks and enter the blockchain?

Is your consensus protocol secure enough to protect your users from a 51% attack?

Marjorie Hernandez:

By working closely with the industry leaders, and providing the right infrastructure and open source standards to allow the ecosystem to flourish and the industry to adopt.


Lukso is an ecosystem which can support many industries such as fastion, gaming lifestyle etc,…, so it may confuse for your potential customers and partners to find out which will be your main target. 

Can you tell us which are the priority products you are developing and what are the difficulties during that product development?

Marjorie Hernandez:

Great questions, definitely is it a challange when you are addressing more than one industry at once. We see and understand the convergance of the disciples happening today! and we are answering this with our Multiverse.

also these industries share common problems, and our standards and middleware serve as answeres for all of them.


Q1. Can you tell us about the two products in your app which are the DIGITAL TWIN and DIGITAL FASHION? How do they differ from each other and What functions do they perform?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

Digital twin, or better digital certificates for physical products (phygitals) are the smart conracts for a physical product. This allows them to be owned, traded and used as an access tool (imagine an VIP event, where everyone with a chanel bag gets in free).


Digital fashion is something complete new. Think of fashion formyour virtual self, wearing it in an instagram post, or virtual reality meetup. Or dressing your game character. Its something that is taking the fashions industries attention but has not yet fully manifested itself, as the blockchain (LUKSO) is missing Currently it makes the news, but not real tools exists. This will change in the coming months and years.


LUKSO looks relevant to the fashion industry. What could be the most important underlying reason for this?

Marjorie Hernandez:

Blockchain technoloy has the potential of solving many of the issues the industry is facing. With LUKSO to make ir “easier” for the industry to adopt the tehcnology. Also we have an incredible board of advisors from the industry supporting us in this mission.


How we save us from 51% attack?

When you planned to make LUKSO?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

LUKSO doesn’t run PoW. With HBBFT you have a 2/3 of the block producers that are required. BUT the amount of validators is smaller. But one has also to understand double spening like in bitcoin is here not possible, as blocks are final, and you can’t have re-orgs like in a PoW chain.

Twitter Questions

Question 6 by @sukku20

Can you talk about “ERC725″” as this solution that LUKSO is heavily using in its LUKSO ecosystem?

Marjorie Hernandez:

Buildling a Multiverse where the New Creative Digtial Lifestyle and Creative Economies can flourish.

HOW? Our Protocol > Our Standards > Our Applications > Our community > Bring creators and all genders to use the tech !!!

Fabian Vogelsteller:

ERC 725 is a standard for smart contract based accounts. The standard is built in such a way that security is upgardeable and all kind of information is attachable to this account. This means you can start with low security and throw-away keys and upgrade over time to multi-sig, social recovery, or high end hardware wallet security without moving your assets or profile to another address. This is in fact the biggest pain point of todays blockchain user experience.

The ability to attach all kind of information allows these accounts to be extendable with reupations systems, token systems and all kind of other informaiton (social networks, etc)

The first smaller standard in the LSP repo is LSP-1 Universal receiver (https://github.com/lukso-network/LIPs/blob/master/LSPs/LSP-1-UniversalReceiver.md), which is a part of the ERC725 accounts on LUKSO.

Question 7 by  @aswini_crypto

What will be the main advantage of Fashion & Lifestyle industry on blockchain?

Previously you were testing the technical basis & building PoC’s that should show the power of Blockchain in Fashion & Lifestyle.

Do you think its good time to Come in mainstream?

Marjorie Hernandez:

We LUKSO we do solve a bunch of exisiting problems, such as tracebility, counterfit, gree-washing, and many other challenges.

BUT one of our missions is not only to solve problems but to BUILD the future, where some of these problems might become obsolete.

We do see Digtal Fashion as the next big disruption in the fashion space.

Question 8 by @kargil1999

Many projects still lacking in its usecase,

How does LUKSO planning to create future mainstream blockchain applications ?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

By creating dapps that let the blockchain disapear, while giving the advantages of blockchain apps.

1. upgradable security, don’t start out with seed phrase and backups, but install -> done

2. transaction relay services: let dapp developers and brands pay for their users, rather than the user itself. We can not expect people to register on exhcanges before using a product. Here lies also the strength in building a network from scratch: We can have a certain allwance and support for good dapps with transaction fees. We will have grant programs for that. The user experience is the A and O

Marjorie Hernandez:

At LUKSO we see 3  main building blocks as the core of facilitating mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, the base for an incredible amount of new Applications!

With a proper internet-of-value we can hopefully effectively disrupt the Web 2.0 internet business model of data harvesting and unwanted ads. 

The 3 building blocks are: 

1- Digital Certificates and Digital Identities: for physical and digital products, Think about this as NFTs 2.0. We have worked a lot with Fashion Brands to make their items truly unique and identifiable on the Blockchain.

2- Universal Public Profiles: imagine your FB, IG, TW, and Google profile in one place. Owned by you and managed solely by you. These profiles are effectively the gateway to the “multiverse.”

3- Community and Personal Tokenization, we think about this as “Cultural Currencies”, it is the ability to tokenize objective and subjective assets.

Question 9 by  @lvlong18

A. Detailed explanation of LYXe token! What are the uses & Benefits of this LYXe Token for LUKSO Traders, Investors & Projects? 

B. why did LUKSO deploy IEO on kucoin and not other exchanges like binance okex … What are the benefits of Kucoin and vice versa?

C. What is the main reason behind the formation of LUKSO? Why do you think that coins like LYXe should be in the Marketplace?

Fabian Vogelsteller:


A: The benefits are to be able to use the future network I can not make future prediction about evaluations, but i can tell you the main functionality of LYX: 1. transaction fees and 2. staking <- Thats what you need LYX for on the future LUKSO blockchain. 

B: We chose KuCoin over others, as we like KuCoins more honest trading volumen and approach. Other exchanges have way to high fees, which are not in alignment with our token distribtion and ethics.

C: Because we see the future of Blockchains, and want to make it a reality. Blockchains dedicated to specfifc communities and applications will be the future, it will be the third wave of blockchains (1. coin-chains, 2. smart contract -chains 3. dedicated ecossytem-chains) (<- to put it simple)

LYXe is on a marketplace to allow distribtion of the stakes in the LUKSO network.

Question 10 by  @nitinmohite

Can you tell more about reversible ICO model, which is said to be first of its kind, how it is different from other ICOs?

What are phygital collectibles, what is their purpose?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

We answered that above, but in short: Buying linearly over time, rather than instantly:

Sounds complicated, but is really simple. Think of buying 100 LYXe over 8 months, you will still be able to get your ETH back for 50 LYXe after 4 months. You will see the full balance of LYXe instantly, but only be able to move whats actually bought…

The idea of the Reversible ICO, or “rICO” came to me when Vitalik came with his DAICO. The problem with his idea is that it involves voting, and in times of crisis we don’t want to be stuck by having not the right interfaces as we have seen with the DAO..


And phygitals: Its a physical object with a digital identity. We call that PHYGITALS

I described that above: Its the ability to add more experiences or actions onto a physical item, like a  handbag.

Telegram Questions


Whats the main reason behind enroll Ethereum, not other blockchains?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

We are not ON Ethereum, but using the Ethereum EVM inside OUR Blockchain.


@marjorieeli In one of your interviews with INTERVIEW MAGAZINE, I saw this 

“In 2017, my team and I started by asking the fundamental question: what is the future of an industry that is based on optics and physical experiences and objects, in a virtual and digital world”. 

Q1. May I know why this remains an underlying question in everything you do? If you don’t mind digging deeper

Q2. Asides fashion, which other industries are particularly revolutionary in terms of blockchain?

Marjorie Hernandez:

Hey @Boylut great qs. 

This question does inform any of things we do. We strongly believe in the “dematerialisation” of most objetcs, and how their digital “counterparts” can provide for an incredible creative freedom and a more sustainable world.

And besides fashion, we see the lifestyle arena as a “whole”!


And average social media user doesn’t even see any fault in it. How will you let people know the problems that are currently existing that necessitated the creation of LUKSO?

Marjorie Hernandez:


the best way to show people what they are missing is a building it and showing to them how this makes their lifes better !

I think most user are “quite excited” about the access we have thanks to the current social media providers. But is is just a matter of time until the current business partices become upaceptbale for most of us.

Fabian Vogelsteller:

The future is not only about improving the current, but bringin the new. Currently there is noithing wrong with social media (if you ignore the centralization and censorship), but there is no way for you to interact and connect to your crowd OUTSIDE of the current platforms. your account there IS your identity. If you get blocked you loos all your followers. There is also no value or other kind of community stake holdership possible. All of this requires blockchain. 

In the coming years many of us will spent a lot of time in VR, without blockchain you will have to have 100s of profiles for each environment, or game you’re in. This also requires a blockchain based universal profile.. There is so much more. You can read out withpaper to find a few more use cases described: https://bit.ly/LUKSOWhitepaper


When you planned to make LUKSO?

If I want to describe Lukso to my family,how I do It?

Marjorie Hernandez:

We started officially in 2018. 

We are working on it laser focus since them.

Our goal is to go mainet in 2021-spring/summer.


For your Family, depens, how cool are they 🤣 What i would say is: is place that allows creators and ordinary users to enjoy the advantges of decentralization


What is the business model of #lukso ? How does it generate revenue for development?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

LUKSO is a blockchain, run by a foundation like entity in the future. The mission of this foundation is to support the development and growth of the LUKSO ecosystem. There is no business model behind it. The foundation yet, will have 5% of the network to support itself long term.

We have a company called Agency for the Future, that is building a lot of the uses cases, those can be for-profit. YET blockchains itself have the larger growth potential, as they are ecosystems. If you don’t fully understand that I recommend you not to invest.


Who is Fabian Vogelsteller?

Marjorie Hernandez:

Fabian is the former Ethereum Lead Dapp Developer.

He built most the the initial tools for the Ethereum Foundation. The Mist browser, ethereum wallet and Web3js.

He proposed the ERC 20 token standard. 


So he might be the reason you are here and you dont know it

Twitter Questions

Question 11 by  @micki26

How LUKSO smartcontracts provide an edge over it’s competitors in the Blockchain space? What are the other advantages does it provide to be adopted across in coming days?

Fabian Vogelsteller:

LUKSO uses the EVM, so smart contracts have the same ability as Ethereum smart contracts. The edge is the focus on different uses cases and thea ability to create an ecosystem for that community. (ALso the blockchain is faster and has finality, but thats technical)

If you build in the lifestyle space on ethereum, you have a hard time getting users. Its to expensive and slow and mass adoption is impossible this way.

On top of that you are an outlier, as you are in the middle of DeFi protocols, that have less importance to you. 

Therefore we need our OWN ecosystem, for this space to explode!

Question 12 by @moizkhan3344

A. Adoption is one of the important factor that all sustainable blockchain  projects should focus to be more attractive in the investors eyes. What lukso has done and plans to do to achieve real world adoption?

B. What is your background and how did you come to the idea to create LUKSO project?

Marjorie Hernandez:

B:  Our motivation comes from wanting to bring the mainstream and the creators to use Blockchain. 

Blockchain has not yet touched the masses nor the creative industries, and it’s either too techie, complicated, or nerdy for most people. 

We want to change that and build an ecosystem for applications anyone can use.

Regarding our backgorunds: we talked about if at the begining, but as you all now @frozeman is an OG in the Blockchain space. I come from the innovation, brand, strategy world. 

We both did our master at a design university! so there our passion for the creative industries.

Fabian Vogelsteller:

A: we kinda answered that, usability and ease of use is one. But we also are inclusive to the current companies with the fashion and lifestyle space. While many blockchains tried to exclude them (sometimes for good reasons, see banks). Its important here to let them participate in the change. We are talking to most large luxury fashion houses and companies in this space, and we have made a noteable mark (check our, reddit: https://reddit.com/r/lukso) we were on bloomberg, business of fasion, interview magazine, forbes, etc. LUKSO is a name in the fashion space already.

Many of the partnerships we have or work on can not be announced yet, but will come.

Its important to understand that this is a long term project, not a quick flip hype.. If you want to be part of it now is a good time, but it will take time… so no false hopes.

Question 13 by  @yasmin1234

As of now there have been many blockchain related projects come and gone, what are the special and unique characteristics of #LUKSO that make it different from the others, that make investors and users decide to invest into it? 

Fabian Vogelsteller:

Quick answer: Its run by people who were here before the hype, and who helped shape this space. 

But the main reason is that we have a vision for the future that will be revelant once we are live, while most project piggy bag on what everybody is doing at the time, when they are live, the trend has passed or they are to late…


Its all about timing, and we belive LUKSO is in “perfect time”

Question 14 by  @EslamASaber5896

As a starter in programming and coding…i believe that any code can be over rised by another code…am not a specialist to talk about it…but others  specialists  can understand me well

And here is my question :

How much are you sure in percentage that your new ERC725 Cant be over rised or let me say hackered by some debelopers and those black hats what ever they called..

How much could it be safe when i know that some one can delay those all invesmtents with some  programmed bots and some special codes that can gain him the authority to do What ever he wants or steal those money.

Fabian Vogelsteller:

Hm, its hard for me to decode the question, but i assume he says how secure is ERC725?

ERC 725 security will depend on the owner address, or smart contract. If you use for exmaple a gnosis-safe contarct as owner, you are pretty secure. If you use a simple key less, so..

BUT, you will have less important assets at first, so it can be less secure, and you can upgrade security later, once you have more valuable things without moving your assets…

Thats the main difference between private key accounts, and smart contract based accounts.

Question 15 by @Hyynyom12

What’s the main Mission of LUSKO Project As a normal user & Investor, What benefits can be provided by  to me.

What partnerships has LUKSO held that will play an important role in developing the LUKSO project and contributing to its strength in the Crypto World ?

Marjorie Hernandez:

We are building tools and applications that make it easier and more accessible for developers, regular users and creative producers to use the LUKSO Blockchain, on top of what the Ethereum community has already built Remember LUKSO uses the EVM, so all things from ethereum work on LUKSO as well.

I always like to refer back to our 3 main blocks/tools  you will be able to have  an Universal Public Profiles, to create Digital Identities and Certificates for your work, and building Tokenized Communities.

Fabian Vogelsteller:

Users come after the startups, but we see a whole ne economy of digital lifestyle apps, from tokenization, to decentralized brands, to digital fashion and trustable secondary markets for circular fashion. But also new forms of community engagement, which will change the way how we connect.

Lots of ideas, but it will not only be use that built them, in fact once people get it, it will bring a whole new wave of blockchain applications

We have one partnership with a german primier league soccer club, but we can’t reveal that yet 🤫 Some of you know them probably, they are also big in china ;0

There are a lot of talks onging with the biggest brands, you can guess that if your look at our advisory board..

Telegram Questions


Too many blockchain projects are cold, boring, and soul-less, with too much focus on technical implementations that most people don’t care about. Since the fashion industry and streetwear culture are heavily influenced by iconic personalities and key opinion leaders, what is your strategy for growing users with the help of these influencers, but at the same time, remaining grounded, and cultivating an image of originality, authenticity, and real-world value optimized by blockchain tech which earns trust and a loyal following?

Marjorie Hernandez:


well LUKSO si not cold our soul-less I can tell you

We have multi-tier strategy when it comes to creating traction and adaption. In the one hand we are building tools (as I described above) and standards, in order to power the ecosystem.

Our advisors, are supporting us bringing LUKSO into their respective  industries, by creating awareness and educating.

We see of course LUKSO in the protocol layer as the foundation of these. And our core components as the tools to enable developrs and creators to build and grow the ecosystem. It comes down to giving everyone the ability to have Universal Public Profiles, creating Digital Identities and Certificates, and building Tokenized Communities


What are the Future Technical Goals of LUKSO?

Marjorie Hernandez:

Pure PoS after the inital dPoS (PoSDAO); LSPs: LUKSO standard proposals for tokenization, digital certifcates, and universal profiles, and others. Tooling that enable the simple integration with those standards. And applications we are building: A digital lifestyle wallet/wardrobe, self-token-gen apps, and apps to allow any fashion designer to register their products and make then ownable. There are also some VR things we are working on that I am most excited about, but more to that in the future.


Thanks for participating in this AMA. We wish you the best of luck guys. Everyone go and follow them on twitter and telegram please

Fabian Vogelsteller:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lukso

Twitter:     https://twitter.com/lukso_io

Telegram: https://t.me/LUKSO

Reddit:      https://reddit.com/r/lukso


Another awesome AMA concluded; participants asked a variety of questions and the questions were answered by the guests beautifully and in detail. Thanks to all who participated in this AMA and made it a great success.