More Exchange Listing for JustLiquidity and  Rewards for Holders

After the launch of the beta version of JustLiquidity, $JULb and the ERC20 and BEP20 token bridge on the Binance Smart Chain, holders of the DeFi project token have been receiving great news and getting exciting rewards.

JUL and JULb Staking

From having been listed on Bilaxy exchange and MXC exchange for free, JUL and JULb holders can also receive rewards easily with JustLiquidity and SwapLiquidity, which works as the Uniswap DEX from the JustLiquidity team and there is a 0.05% trading fee  distributed to the JUL stakes. Rewards for staking are derived from the deposit and withdrawal fees (0.3%) obtained from investors of JUL, so each time someone deposits or withdraws liquidity, they pay 0.3% as a fee and 50% of the fee amount is used to buy back JUL tokens. These are then distributed among the stakers.

JustLiquidity also celebrated its Binance Smart Chain integration by airdropping $10 in JULb to 3,000 Trust Wallet Users.

All BEP20 projects can be listed for free on Swap Liquidity and rewards will be distributed to the JULb Holders with more than 25 JULb in their Wallet. The token holder with the most JULb (BEP20) during events, gets the maximum reward. So, holding more JULb (BEP20) gets users more rewards. After the successful reward distribution to new 3000 JULb holders for completing relevant tasks, more rewards will be added and rewarded for participating in JUL and JULb Future Projects