Newscrypto Platform- The nerve center for money-making decisions

Today vast amount of information about cryptocurrencies is easily available to us as the internet is filled with Bitcoin and other crypto related information. But the provided info can be overwhelming for anyone and it can be very difficult to sift through all the data to find relevant information. There are also issues with the reliability of the information provided, such as if the data is up-to-date, is it unbiased, or is it thoroughly vetted. Further crypto is full of difficult technical terms, which can be hard to understand for newbies. All these things combined can lead to confusion in the minds of new investors and scare them away from investing or joining in the crypto space. 

Newscrypto is here to exactly solve this problem by developing a new global analytical ecosystem that creates a simple and efficient financial environment for investors and traders to make rational investment decisions and become successful in cryptocurrency trading. In fact the goal is to become the ‘Bloomberg’ of cryptocurrencies. To achieve this Newscrypto has built the most advanced crypto-orientated platform to date consisting of everything a trader needs; information, knowledge, and confidence all in one. The platform is created for those who want to master the cryptocurrency markets and reach new financial heights. 

Newscrypto Platform

Newscrypto platform is the nerve center for money-making decisions in the crypto world. It targets expert traders as well as the new generation getting into crypto trading. Through the platform, traders get access to trading tools, advanced indicators, educational programs, and community predictions. These features allow traders to access information vital for decision-making purposes concerning cryptocurrencies in the market. 

TRADING INDICATORS AND TOOLS- The trading section is divided into three major tiers, they are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced and each of them caters for a specific user type. The beginner tier is accessible after registering an account. It consists of essential tools and features every crypto trader needs: from specially filtered breaking news, charts, currency watchlist, portfolio manager, performance indicator, and other crypto-oriented indicators. The next two tiers are paid options that can be accessed by making payments through the NWC token. There are many top of the line features and indicators such as Arbitrage, Sentiment, Trading, Whale Alert, and many more indicators in the Intermediate and Advanced tiers to help experienced traders to make the best money-making decisions while trading. 


Newscrypto has developed an education program suitable for beginners and anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies. The mission is to bring as many people as possible to crypto space and make it accepted by the masses. Educational program is divided into three segments. Newscrypto academy consists of written lessons&chapters as well as interactive quizzes that appear at the end of each chapter. Each quizz gives you one point and upon finishing the quiz you will receive a Newscrypto diploma, appropriate tittle as well as a special KuCoin reward.

The second segment is called Newscrypto Tutorials. Here you can find over 20 videos, 10-20 mins long, that were done by a crypto coach and are covering all the topics that are hard to understand, such as leverage trading, uniswap, DEFI, and much more.

Third segment is Trading Simulator. This demo trading system allows you trade with virtual money on real price movement. You can trade with 0 risk and test your strategies before going to the market.

COMMUNITY PREDICTIONS- It is a live chat feature where members can interact and share their predictions to others and even get paid for it through NWC tokens. 

PREDEFINED CHARTS- These charts are professionally drawn by top traders and are one of the most reliable sources of insights in crypto. Newscrypto offers more than 10 different pairs that have historical resistance and support lines drawn. These lines can come in handy for beginners to learn how to properly draw them as well as experts to help them place buy and sell orders.


The NWC token is built on Stellar blockchain and is the heart of the Newscrypto platform. It is the basis of the internal ecosystem of Newscrypto and all services implemented in the platform. The total supply started at 280M tokens that continuously burns through automated token burning. The circulating supply is 95,233,119 NWC with a marketcap of $18,143,811 USD. The token is listed on multiple top exchanges like Kucoin, HitBTC, Probit, BigONE, and Catex. The daily volume of the token is $637,523 USD. 


The Newscrypto platform along with NWC token is striving to become the go to place for every trader and investor by covering every aspect of crypto. It is defying the prevailing negative misconceptions and sentiments that crypto is a risky investment. The platform is doing this by finding trustworthy information, tools and insights and offering its members the best user experience in the crypto space. Newscrypto platform is truly poised to become the Bloomberg of the crypto world.