Order of the Black Rose $OBR

Introducing a new kind of NFT with a mythological and historical twist. Order of the Black Rose is a new NFT project that takes inspiration from the mythological story of King Arthur and adds a new twist of lost collected artworks. The story follows as in 12th century the war has corrupted the lands and King Arthur’s collected artworks are stolen by thieves and he passes away with a broken heart while holding his beloved rose that has also turned into ashes. Years later, the King’s bloodline Queen Elizabeth decides to honor the King’s legacy and orders her army to travel all over the world to seek and bring the lost NFT artwork back home. The army is strong and the mission is named after the last thing the King was holding: Order of the Black Rose. 
Token Pre-sale
OBR(ERC20) and OBRB(BEP20) tokens are the centers of the NFT project with a total supply of 50000 tokens. The presale will begin on Nov 09, 2020 and continue for 7 days with the price of the presale tokens increasing every day till the last date of the sale. There is no softcap or hardcap and the remaining unsold tokens will be locked in the JustLiquidity Protocol. The minimum and maximum amount to purchase in presale is 1 ETH and 50 ETH. There is also daily distribution of presale NFT for token buyers as the token is distributed immediately after the purchase. Anyone buying tokens worth 25 ETH or more will receive their first Presale unique animated NFT Card that is a ‘The Order of the Black Rose’ NFT Card. And anyone purchasing tokens worth 50 ETH will receive a unique ‘CZ Binance & Vitalik Ethereum’ NFT Card. The presale funds will be allocated as 30% for Marketing, 10% for Artwork, 30% for Team and 30% for Liquidity. 
For the first time ever people can buy with both ETH and BNB (BSC Chain) coins as the presale will be held on both Ethereum and Binance Smart chains in partnership with JustLiquidity Protocol who are officially partnering with a project for the first time. An airdrop will also be distributed to JustLiquidity token holders. Vox Finance will be providing staking pools for OBR project on their platform and partake in the presale as well. 
Once the project is live OBR and OBRB holder’s balances will be snapshot randomly and NFT Artwork will be distributed to them on weekly basis. Users can also trade NFTs at the OBR’s decentralized NFT Marketplace through OBR and OBRB tokens. There are incentives for inviting people to the NFT Marketplace and inviters are rewarded points when the invitees make purchases in the marketplace. When the inviter reaches 10 points they get one random NFT Artwork as a reward. There is also a burn rate of 2% per transaction in OBR or OBRB tokens, which will benefit the overall tokenomics. 
The project is different and stands out in terms of taking inspiration from history and myth and turning it into a brilliant idea, being one of the first projects if not the first one to do so. The idea itself is a great selling point for the project. Apart from that their partnership with JustLiquidity and the involvement of Vox Finance shows the project’s aim for greater success.