PAZZI Is Partnering With Amazing DeFi Projects To Ensure Platform Decentralization

In a bid to further achieve its goal to get more users on its photo-centric blockchain-based platform which provides a simple, seamless and secure process of capturing, sharing and trading a graphic memory , $PAZZI is partnering with amazing DeFi projects including, Tomochain, JustLiquidity and Passport Finance. These Tomochain partnership is to help with the TomDEX integration for PAZZI. The Tomochain partnership has had $PAZZI token w listed on TomoDEX spot trading. Trading for PAZZI/USDT and PAZZI/TOMO trading pairs has commenced and users can start depositing PAZZI(ERC20) on via TomoBridge while the JustLiquidity partnership is vital for the integration of the Binance Smart Chain.

Due to the current circulation and supply, PAZZI has a buyback program ongoing. The current circulating supply stands at about 28.7 million tokens. Distributions to the private investors  take place after the next milestones. After the distribution, circulating PAZZI will be 67 million PAZZI. Due to the recent contract reissuing, please refer to our official announcements for the most accurate details on circulation and total supply as CoinMarketCap and Coingecko will also update accordingly. As of the moment, PAZZI tokens’ total supply stands at 168,717,761 PAZZI. There will be no further issuance of PAZZI even after the mainnet swap. After the distribution, the remaining 100 million PAZZI will be distributed to the community members through bounty events, staking events, and more. PAZZI plans to burn about  1.8 billion  and gear it towards making PAZZI platform and tokens as decentralized possible.

With the partnership with Passport Finance, The major goal with $PAZZI tokens is to have a 100% circulation with a total supply of 50 million PAZZI. The recent partnership with JustLiquidity to have PAZZI on the Binance Smart Chain will also have PAZZI stronger and plans to have PAZZI beta released on the PAZZI web application is November is in the works.