Chromia $CHR

Chromia is a blockchain platform for decentralized applications designed to enable a new generation of highly scalable dapps.

Chromia is both a blockchain and relational database. This means that decentralized applications (dapps) can be written in a way that is familiar to developers all over the world, whether they work on large enterprise applications, games, or smaller projects.

  • Concept Assessment

    Scalability is a major issue in blockchain tech due to which there is no real progress in mainstream dapps except for a few gaming, gambling and other largely hyped projects. Apart from this high development costs, new blockchain language to learn and only core data (like assets) being on blockchain while operations and application status being on centralized servers has not helped in any real progress.
    Chromia with its blockchain that integrates with relational database allows developers to fully make use of existing database languages and programming models when constructing new dapps that are highly scalable. The materialization depends on the Postchain framework developed by the company itself and for better compatibility, Chromia has developed a new Rell language based on SQL for its Postchain framework.

  • Financial Competency

    Chroma is the native metatoken on Chromia blockchain which serves as a medium of exchange and an economic balancing tool for dapps. It enables dapps to pay resource use fees, resource conversions between dapps, profit sharing and provides a mechanism for validator nodes to stake a security deposit for participation in the public network
    Chromia had its IEO in May on Kucoin exchange priced at $0.05 USD per token. It is traded on top exchanges like Kucoin, Bithumb, Bitmax and also on Bittrex, Bilaxy, and Hotbit.
    Its Marketcap is $2.89M USD, circulating supply being 101m $CHR tokens and the daily volume is approx. $2.99M USD.
    Currently, it is an ERC20 token with mainnet release planned by end of the year. After mainnet it's max supply will be fixed at 1 billion tokens that will be slowly infused into the ecosystem over 5 years' time.

  • Business/Marketing Proposition

    Chromia is home to a vibrant and international team of around 40 dedicated people. They have offices in Stockholm, Kiev, Tel Aviv, Washington DC, and Utrecht.
    Chromaway the parent company of Chromia has already delivered pioneering projects around the world and built significant partnerships with multiple companies.
    Chromaway has started Chromia Studios to launch a series of games with leading US studio Workinman Interactive. The first game, Mines of Falunia, will be released in Q4 2019. The main advisors of the company are Charlie Lee founder of Litecoin, Vinny Lingham a South African entrepreneur and founder of Civic, Yiseul Cho a MIT graduate and ex-Facebook employee, Guy Corren worked with Intel, Boxee and Voltaire, Danny Yang a Harvard graduate and founder of BlockSeer and Maicoin.

  • Execution

    Chromia is developing a killer platform for dapps beyond the existing architectural norms of blockchain platforms, it is combining relational database with blockchain to achieve unlimited scalability without compromising decentralization.
    The testnet is live since June 18th with ongoing continuous development and main focus on developing the Rell language and improving the Postchain database framework. Mainnet is planned to release by end of the year.

Ajoobz Evaluation

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With the growing adoption of blockchain technology, Chromia is in the right position to get a good market share due to its multiple use cases.

Even though there is stiff competition in the platform segment Chromia is poised to stay ahead due to its innovative ideas and solving real-world problems instead of some overhyped non-existent ones.

It also has great upside potential as it’s market capitalization is very low and it has long term value as the whole blockchain industry is still growing.

A true gem that deserves genuine attention.