Newscrypto $NWC

Newscrypto is a blockchain-linked ecosystem that combines everything crypto related to form the best virtual place for money-making decisions. The platform is constructed of advance market indicators, Newscrypto school program, community prediction section, unique trading tools and price analysis segment. It has everything in one place, and it is designed for experienced traders as well as beginners to get an upper hand in crypto trading. Newscrypto is a non-ICO/non-IEO project meaning they never had and never will raise any external capital as they are self-sufficient, with a product that already works.

  • Concept Assessment

    Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity like no other financial asset at this moment, there is huge interest among countless people to buy crypto assets with lots of information available to help people learn about cryptocurrencies on the internet. Still, it is very difficult for a person to get the right information and know the basics of trading to make a profit.
    Many are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency trading and probably had a bad experience with it. Most have never invested anywhere else as they lack basic financial education.
    When making decisions they are influenced by the rumors, manipulated information and media outlets which are unreliable. Most people do not know how, where or when to buy a crypto asset. Without the proper knowledge, crypto trading is quite hard to understand.
    People lose a lot of money by investing blindly and relying on pure luck.
    Newscrypto solves the problem by finding the right information at the right time and guide people from blind investing in making rational investment decisions.
    The company's mission is to give every user the confidence and knowledge regarding crypto trading by providing them access to highly profitable blockchain-based instruments for money-making decisions. Newscrypto is dedicating to be the leading crypto place for every crypto enthusiast.

  • Financial Competency

    NWC token is the heart and backbone of the Newscrypto ecosystem, it is a Stellar Lumens based token and is used to carry out transfers of value within the ecosystem. The token has both utility and value-transfer functions within the network of applications built on top of the platform.
    A unique smart contract empowers a community-driven ecosystem that grants NWC to be an effective trading tool and an attractive asset for investors, especially with its burning system. As the ecosystem is powered by NWC tokens all services on the platform including membership fees are paid only by the NWC tokens.
    From the platform membership fees 20% of the tokens are burned providing organic growth for NWC coin, 10% is dedicated to the community as rewards for social media tasks, 40% of the amount is meant for platform development, so the team can provide more knowledge and market insights to the members, the remaining 30% goes to marketing in acquiring new members and build the community base.
    The initial total supply started at 280,000,000 NWC tokens, with a token burning system in place connected to the NWC community. The current Marketcap is $2.71M USD with a circulating supply of 95M tokens.
    The token is listed on top exchanges such as Kucoin, Hitbtc and BigONE exchange with a daily volume of $481,329 USD. It's also listed on Probit, Dcoin and CatEx exchanges.

  • Business/Marketing Proposition

    The Newscrypto platform is the best place in the crypto world for money-making decisions. Newscrypto platform is a working product, tested and used by world's top traders. The Newscrypto team consists of world top traders and advisors that are being paid entirely in the form of NWC token.
    This indicates that success is correlated by the value platform present to the community making the team even more motivated to deliver the best possible results day by day.
    The Newscrypto platform is divided into three distinct components which are split as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tier. Beginner tier consisting of essential tools and indicators is available for free after registering an account. The other two can be unlocked with the NWC token.
    Users pay fees according to the level of access to the tools and indicators programmed in-house by the Newscrypto Technology team.
    The users use the NWC coin to unlock the intermediate and advanced tier to gain crucial market information.
    As the platform evolves it will also grant access to the most advanced price analysis reports and premium alerts.
    The instant burning mechanism of 20% of the membership tokens bought from the platform will only reduce the total supply of NWC tokens as the user base grows.

  • Execution

    The platform is essentially the center point for everyone involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It targets all of those who are already trading or just observing or even those who are planning to become a part of the new era of cryptocurrencies.
    Newscrypto solves the problem of finding the right information at the right time. It provides data on buy and sell orders, best exchange rates, gives detailed information about smart money movements, fundamental and technical analysis and at the same time educates users to become better at understanding and participating in the crypto world.
    The platform allows its users to save time and energy in every aspect of the crypto world with advanced tools and features provided.
    The Newscrypto platform is built to support high data loads and reads from blockchain participants with exact rules on what data to extract.
    Due to the high loads of data, Newscrypto has created custom software that integrates the blockchain with a distributed storage system. The platform's architecture is built to update within milliseconds in different environments, even outside of the blockchain core focus and also to handle terabytes of data daily.
    Newscrypto is the most complete crypto orientated platform built to date consisting of everything a person needs to have the needed security, knowledge and confidence in crypto trading, it was created for those who want to master crypto markets and reach their financial goals.
    The main components of the platform are:
    TRADING INDICATORS AND TOOL- They provide data on buy and sell orders, detailed information about smart money movements, display fundamental and technical analysis and deep market insight on price movements. The data is collected and provided by the platform saving time and energy of the members. As the platform is divided on multiple tiers, members get information according to their membership tier.
    New indicators and tools are constantly added to the specter of provided features. The company’s roadmap indicates a complete range of necessary features for crypto personas.
    NEWSCRYPTO SCHOOL- Newscrypto has developed a school program designed for beginners and those who want to learn more about crypto markets, it is designed by the world's best traders and is completely free. The school program is divided into different groups which cover the Basics, Charts, Trading strategies, Economics, Crypto development, and everything about Newscrypto tools.
    COMMUNITY PREDICTIONS- Newscrypto community prediction section is created for the members to interact which each other and see the predictions other crypto traders make. There is also live chat implemented so the section serves as a mini social media.
    Top contributors are rewarded by NWC tokens which incentivizes them to post more quality content.
    PREDEFINED CHARTS- Charts are one of the most important things for crypto traders. Newscrypto has a wide selection of charts with a variety of options for members to use. They are professionally drawn by top traders but are fully customizable so members can add their own value and ideas to it.

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With cryptocurrency gaining unprecedented popularity in recent times, many will try to take opportunity and capitalise on it as it’s projected to erupt in the future. And Newscrypto project is willing be the go-to place in crypto world for money-making decisions covering every aspect of crypto such as education, trading and market analysis, community predictions, etc. It has already proved to be self sufficient and offers traders everything they need to make profits which means that the number of members is only going to increase.


With a legitimate approach on the market, NWC is going to become one of the mainstream cryptocurrencies having real utility value. Newscrypto project is built for the long run with an innovative roadmap and realistic but global changing goals.


Newscrypto is here to shape the future of crypto trading.