Swirge Network: Building a Decentralized Ecosystem with Decentralized Finance

What does swirge network offers with its decentralized ecosystem?
●A decentralized social media platform.
●A decentralized market place.
●A decentralized financial system.
In recent years, users have had their data and privacy usually leaked from their social media platform. This “new norm” has occurred over and over again without a strong measure put in place to curb the menace. This was one of the reasons CEO and Co-founder of Swirge network, Johnson Daniel Jonah and his Co-founder COO, Keith Mali Chung brought up the idea of swirge in 2017. Swirge provides a platform for total decentralization that even the administrators can’t have access to users’ data and privacy. This idea for total social media decentralization has grown to having a total decentralized market place integrated with decentralized finance to enable users buy, sell and trade products easily, securely and seamlessly on the swirge network.

Since they launched, swirge network now have over 30,000 users and are rapidly growing. The platform is  fostering its growth with cryptocurrency adoption and also rewarding users with Cryptocurrency for socializing. Swirge us determined to build a people-centred product to make buying global stocks with NYSE or NASDAQ easy for users-Africans majorly just as easy as buying bitcoin and in the long run, for universal use. There is also work in place to integrate a decentralized payment platform for users to send payments with little to zero transaction fees. This decentralized platform will enable merchants to receive payments from users on their websites with a fully-fledged API system in place, not forgetting that users have complete control over their privacy and finance. 

Having this decentralized payment platform is where JustLiquidity protocol comes in. Swirge looks to have a healthy and legitimate DeFi project that suits all its needs and JustLiquidity perfectly fits into that description. As the token sale for swirge draws nearer, the exciting JustLiquidity DeFi protocol will be there to protect our Token Holders, so even not the CEO or swirge as an organization itself can dump in the market. JUL is best suited to provide liquidity as it fits into swirge goal of fast, secure and cheap transaction fees. More excitingly, users can easily make transactions from the ERC20 Ethereum Smart Chain to the BEP 20 Binance Smart Chain with the JUL Token Bridge.