The Journey to Cryptonizing The UAE With ZPAE

Ever heard of Crypto-powered debit cards or Crypto-based POS terminals? Yes- You heard that right? The evolution of decentralized finance and cryptocurrency adoption has moved beyond “mere talk” as ZELAAPAY UAE (ZPAE) is leading the cause in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with these crypto debit cards and POS terminals.

Sahil Arora-led innovation is actively pushing for the digitization of the UAE and encouraging more people to adopt cryptocurrency- not just as a tool for trading but exploring and utilizing the amazing possibilities the crypto world brings. In achieving this, ZPAE is also partnering with leading projects in the blockchain space and cryptocurrency community including Digibyte, Tron and a host of others. These Partnerships are not just stopping at those already concluded, as works are ongoing to partner with even more leading projects in the crypto space.

Fostering Fast Crypto Payments and Non- Existent Fees In The UAE

Since ZPAE runs on Tron’s TRC-20 which has a 3-second block time, through a decentralized autonomous organization, transactions on the ZPAE platform are expected to be super-fast. This amazing partnership will ensure that:
ZPAE can process transactions faster at non-existent transaction fees which makes way for them to dominate the consumer payments ecosystem in UAE giving them an edge over Visa or MasterCard’s traditional transactional usage by consumers. 
ZPAE gets priority access and liquidity through listings on JustSwap, PoloniDEX, Poloniex and other enterprises owned by Tron, wherever an integration is suitable and possible. 
This also gives ZPAE massive exposure and helps identify and tap into more existing users of Tron in the United Arab Emirates.

With all these measures put in place, public exchanges where ZPAE is currently available to trade on have already been notified to integrate TRC20 wallets for users of ZPAE which most exchanges have already done, while others are going through the process for all users to fully enjoy the benefits of this integration. This decision will play a vital role and enable ZPAE to compete strongly with already existing payment platforms and achieve its mission to cryptonize the UAE.