The world is changing and the way we trade and do business is not left out of this great change. As we all know that the Decentralized Financial System of Cryptocurrency is taking over from the Traditional Finance and the world Banking system at large by providing the opportunity for lending and borrowing of assets in real time without any hustle of long processing of paper works and unnecessary protocols. ecosystem on its path is playing a major role in expanding the mass adoption of cryptocurrency as one of the most innovative game changers in the space with a friendly and robust way of integrating cryptocurrency payment for booking of over 2.2 million hotel and apartments all around the world.

However, will not stop with the journey of strengthening the utility value of its native token $AVA by giving the token holders and investors the sweet power of $DeFi. Recently  @travalacom officially announced a strategic partnership with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Ecosystem Bidaochain to offer $AVA as a collateral asset on its platform.

The strategic partnership of and  Bidaochain will enable the $AVA token holders to lock up their token as collateral to generate BAI stablecoin with a lot of utility value which includes the listing of $BIA on as a payment method allowing users to book over 2.2 million hotels and homes worldwide. is truly a champion in terms of cryptocurrency adoption by accepting over 30 leading cryptocurrencies as a method of payments. This is really a unique stand out point for cryptocurrency mass adoption.