With the increasing number of innovations and essential use-cases in both private and public blockchains, it’s time to focus on Chromia, a newly acceptable public platform for mainstream decentralized applications using relational blockchain technology, based on the idea of integrating traditional databases into blockchain security. 

Chromia is an all purpose blockchain technology full of smart contract compatibility and much easier to code complex applications with the aim of combining relational databases, which exist in all kinds of organisation and also to deliver a platform with simple interface for users to develop totally decentralized apps with full security protection. 

Chromia has its own unique programming language called “RELL”. Rell is a programming language with safety static type checks to support complex operations which increases programmer productivity and ensures application consistency with the ability to update code over time. 

However, Chromia is not lacking behind in the DeFi space as their recent partnership with the Hedget project in this unstoppable $DeFi market is to provide a decentralized option trading platform that will be deployed on the Chromia Mainnet which will effectively boost the use case of  $CHR and scaling the ecosystem for valuable $CHR mass adoption.