V-ID: Data Integrity Verified Using Blockchain Technology

As the digital economy is experiencing disruptive technology like blockchain, keeping digital files safe and secure becomes necessary. A digital or computer file refers to a stored segment or block of information that is readily available to a computer program. Files are the counterparts of the paper documents traditionally kept in file folders, usually stored in a file cabinet. In today’s world, computer operating systems consider files as a true sequence of bytes, while application software interprets the binary data as, say, text characters, image pixels, or audio samples.

Data theft is the act of stealing computer-based information from an unknowing victim with the intent of compromising privacy or obtaining confidential information. Data fraud and error are increasing problems for individual computer users, as well as big corporate firms. It is pertinent to secure digital files as a lot of data theft keeps happening day in day out.

What is V-ID?

V-ID is a blockchain platform that safely certifies and secures digital documents, so fraud and errors can no longer hold back society’s innovations in digitalization.

The platform sees blockchain as the key technology to make sure that digital advancements as a society are not held back by sophisticated fraudulent activities.

Why V-ID?

1. Securing digital files against unlawful manipulation is one of the core functionalities of V-ID platform.

2. Another feature is the VIDT API which enables organizations to certify and secure their digital data against fraud and manipulation.

3. Value protection at minimum expense and effort.

4. V-ID uses the potential of blockchain to solve a universal problem

Supply and Market cap of VIDT

Circulating Supply: 47,592,164 VIDT

Total Supply: 58,501,137 VIDT

Market Cap: $3,352,125 USD

Exchange sites to trade V-IDT?



Binance Dex

Partners and Customers Of V-ID!

V-ID works with top organizations like AmSpec, IBM, and Nyenrode University to certify and secure digital documents like certificates, invoices, diplomas, and sensor-data.

The platform together with partners like IBM and customers like AmSpec, has made much progress against fraud.

V-ID In 2020 And Beyond

The platform aims to channel 75% of its resources on “Claiming the Market” and 25% on further API development.

With “Claim the Market”, they mean using their head start on the market to

1: Attract publicity and introduce the platform in new areas by showcasing V-ID technology.

2: Provide market services through channels, such as API stores from Zapier, GitHub, Salesforce, KPN store, and IBM Cloud.

3: To create sector-specific solutions, that use the terminology and work methods fitting to that sector, like they already did with AmSpec in the Oil & Gas sector.


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