Staking VOX and First Private Pool of JustLiquidity

Last month after the successful launch of VOX staking, initially with 75 VOX tokens minted per day, and a planned emission cut rate of 45% and burn rate is 2% the operation went smooth and has been going smooth till date. After the first two weeks and careful consideration and analysis of the token economy, the first emission cut was made on 1st November 2020, where the mint rate was lowered by 25% from 0.0125 VOX per block to 0.009375 VOX per block. This step is intended to decrease the inflation of the total token supply, while still rewarding the early adopters to keep staking and providing liquidity on Uniswap. The burn rate was increased to 3% to keep the circulating supply low and to incentivize people to continue staking the token. 

The next step in staking VOX tokens is the distribution of governance tokens called POPULI. Anyone who deposits VOX tokens for staking will receive an equal amount of POPULI tokens in their wallet that can be used for multiple purposes such as for private staking pools, voting rights and access to governance forum. The real focus is to not only create a simple voting platform, but to build a fully-featured and rich governance forum, where real discussions between governance stakeholders will take place. 

First Private Pool of JustLiquidity 

The first private pool was launched on the same day as first emission cut was done on 1st of November, 2020. It was the first collaboration of Vox Finance with JustLiquidity protocol where JustLiquidity have agreed to provide Vox Finance with 500 JUL tokens worth $20,000, that Vox team will distribute between the stakeholders for a period of two weeks. The process to earn JUL tokens is very simple, users need to deposit VOX tokens in the staking pool and in return they obtain 1:1 POPULI tokens in their wallet. Next users need to stake POPULI tokens in private staking pools available in the platform and earn JUL tokens through them. Two important points to note are that you won’t be charged any deposit/withdrawal fees for staking POPULI and you cannot unstake your VOX tokens as long as you are staking POPULI tokens. This is just the beginning of the pool rewards system and more will keep coming, very recently Vox Finance has partnered with Order of Black Rose, an NFT project, where Vox will join the OBR presale and buy OBR tokens and will later distribute the tokens by creating a staking pool for them. More details will be released soon. Stay tuned.