VOX Finance $VOX

Vox Finance is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project developed by an independent team of developers, seeking to bring an innovative approach to the new emerging market by providing high-quality and profitable services while relying on the voice of the people to bring in community engagement to the underlying protocol. 
Concept assessment
The vision of VOX team is to build a unified decentralized platform that connects together yield-farming, staking, community governance, lending & borrowing and decentralized swaps all under one common roof — the VOX financial system. There are important steps and key features to achieve the goal that will be explained further. 
Financial competency
The VOX token is an ERC20 token and the native platform token of Vox Finance. The tokens can be used for staking and farming. Initially 1250 VOX were created and 500 tokens were sold in presale for 20 ETH and an initial liquidity of 20 ETH + 500 VOX was provided on Uniswap. Remaining 250 tokens were locked under community fund, treasury and development fund. The initial emission rate was 0,0125 VOX / block, that will be decreased every 14 days at rate of 45% cut rate (the rates can be adjusted as per market conditions). Initially there will be a burn rate of 2% per transaction. Once users deposit VOX tokens into the staking pool they will receive POPULI tokens, a governance token that can be used for varied purposes. 
The max supply of VOX token is 4250 VOX and the circulating supply is 911 with a marketcap of $1,663,536 USD. The token is currently traded on Uniswap and Bilaxy exchanges with a daily trading volume of $4,219,644. 
Business/Marketing proposition
As with yield farming tokens, distributing the tokens to the crypto community in a fashion they are already accustomed to, that is locking up tokens in liquidity pools and receiving rewards for it, is the best way to market VOX tokens and build the business on it. Additionally 2% initial burn rate also puts a positive effect on tokenomics, thereby increasing community interest. The team comprising of two highly experienced individuals, Luka and Jure who are very active in crypto space have been participating in multiple AMAs for exposure of the product and continuously developing their platform step by step matching the community growth. 
There are multiple features that help run the VOX platform smoothly: 
YIELD-FARMING AND STAKING PLATFORM- The staking of VOX tokens in liquidity pools rewards the users with VOX tokens and the users will be given 1:1 POPULI governance tokens. The POPULI tokens too can be staked and in return, users can earn tokens from other projects or rewards that the system has generated from yield-farming. 
GOVERNANCE- The POPULI token is a governance token which has multiple use cases such as, firstly being a community governance token it provides an equal ‘voice’ to every individual who holds the tokens and can vote for change in the system, secondly, POPULI tokens can earn rewards through staking and, finally, POPULI will grant users an exclusivity right to partake in community discussions on the platform’s discussion board. 
VAULTS AND STRATEGIES- The vaults and strategies mechanism is a feature that the team is adapting from already existing projects. In the ecosystem, vaults will be income-generating and self-appreciating funds of user’s assets that will execute an underlying strategy that is defined by the strategist. Launch expected in November. 
LENDING & BORROWING PLATFORM, STABLECOIN SWAPS- There will be stablecoin swaps in December and an introduction to a lending and borrowing platform for stablecoins where users can earn safe interest by depositing in the platform. More details will be shared further down the timeline. 
The project model is built in a way that incentivizes users to stake and provide liquidity benefitting the entire crypto community. The model secures both the trust of early investors as well as every-day users. The ultimate goal of Vox Finance is to build a decentralized finance platform where each individual can have the power to create, borrow, lend, and earn money in a fair and decentralized manner.