Ajoobz provides an integrated team of experts from various backgrounds. Our team success comes from the knowledge shared across multiple disciplines and business industries. Ajoobz has invested heavily in recruiting the best talents and expertise from all over the world (Finland, USA, India, Canada, and UAE) our talents have names well established amongst the real estate, e-commerce, finance, logistics, marketing, oil & gas, and tech industries.

Our CEO is an aggressive self-built entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience crafting strategies for both startups and large ventures worldwide across multiple industries.

Our COO has helped shape some of the largest logistics and transportation networks for pharmaceutical and eCommerce companies in Asia and North America. The COO has recently joined Ajoobz as a full-time partner after working in Amazon.

Having a diverse and multi-cultured team adds great value to Ajoobz and it's clients. Due to the previous involvement of our team members across various industries, Ajoobs is able to take a holistic approach to understand your business needs and scaling up your projects for maximum return and overall impact.


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