ZelaaPAYae is growing rapidly on a daily basis across the United Arab Emirates as they are partnering with major game changers in the cryptocurrency industry and in the traditional financial markets, their focus is to enhance the way Emiratis do transactions smoothly without hustle, by building an ecosystem to enable transactional utilities around Emirates, that would increase the use potential of crypto point-of-sales and crypto-centric debit cards for everyone to buy crypto using debit or credit cards at the POS. 

Most people in Gulf countries still don’t have direct control over their own finances with an estimated 54 million people and a cumulative net worth of more than $3 trillion. ZelaaPAYae is revolutionizing traditional finance  by deploying a new mechanism that will change the way people manage their finance. As we know that the world revolves round innovation and technology development ZelaaPAYae on its path  of helping individuals and businesses build wealth in the decentralized finance manner also giving them the control of their finances using blockchain technology instead of a third party such as a bank or financial institutions.

 ZelaaPAYae in recent development signed a strong partnership with Leads Ventures which is a big achievement in business bridging and a unique innovation, not only in the UAE but the MENA region as well. 

In conclusion, ZelaaPAYae  is not only deploying a solution that will decentralize the financial ecosystem of the MENA region but also revolutionize the way people do businesses across boundaries without 3rd parties interference and destruction.