Summary of interview with Sahil Arora (Zelaapay) $Zpae at WBS 2020

In major Virtual Blockchain Conference, World Blockchain Summit – Asia 2020 round, held on 16 July 2020, and attended by major crypto companies, blockchain developers and crypto influencers; Mr Sahil Arora, Founder and CEO of ZelaaPayAE, attended the conference representing ZelaaPayAE and UAE. He talked about how UAE a country with a lot of wealth and with a lot of resources, can benefit from blockchain technology by creating a sustainable business model to deliver value to citizens of UAE, and his company ZelaaPayAE is exactly delivering it. ZelaaPayAE was launched in February 2020 at an event in Burj Khalifa attended by royal family members and many other eminent personalities. They kept developing and executing in the background for the first few months and later on 1st of June 2020 they launched the ZPAE token. Till today ZPAE is listed on 7+ exchanges, along with launching on three bigger exchanges this month. Sahil talked about how ZelaaPayAE has become the gateway to UAE for other crypto companies, he talked about the partnerships, listing on crypto exchanges, top influencers, community support, also about support from outside the cryptospace. Some of the takeaway points are: 
– partnership with $Ghost protocol launched by John McAfee- partnered with PundiX labs, biggest POS in crypto- partnered with Tron by Justin Sun- partnered and working with Digibyte- becoming a gateway to UAE and bridging crypto companies with UAE- partnered with most royal families of UAE including of Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi.- working with some of finest crypto influencers like Eljaboom, founder and CEO of Ajoobz having largest following in UAE- large community support from worldover ranging from Dubai to Arab, Turkish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian, Persian and a lot more- will be listing on a top 5 exchange with billion+ Marketcap and million+ users- gaining support from boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and singer Akon- after the recent unfortunate twitter hack, partnered and invested in a decentralized social networking company based in Africa, will be rebranding and launching them soon 
Sahil also talked about how being a young entrepreneur is a challenge and how he overcomes this by keeping a clear vision and working hard to reach towards the goal. A final piece of advice by the CEO of ZelaaPayAE was to think of dreams not just as dreams but as plans and work hard towards executing those plans.