ZPAYae is building a mobile-centric decentralized crypto banking solution, that would increase the use of crypto point-of-sales and crypto-centric debit cards so that anyone can buy crypto using debit or credit cards at the POS and then use that crypto to spend at merchants using crypto debit cards. ZPAYae was specifically made with GCC countries in mind, the focus is to change the way Emiratis do transactions and manage their wealth. 

Most people in Gulf countries still handle their wealth old school style, which results in wastage of resources, ill-management of the wealth, and no direct control over their own finances. UAE alone has an estimated 54 million people with a cumulative net worth of more than $3 trillion. To avoid these situations there is a need to bring in a new kind of financial system that gives the power and control back to the individual with immense wealth and takes charge of it. ZPAYae solves this by digitalizing the wealth in the most decentralized way and give the control of the finances back to the individuals instead of a third party such as a bank or financial institution. ZPAYae makes it easier to store, share and use their wealth in the form of a cryptocurrency that not only allows them to transfer their local Fiat in a click but also grows their wealth substantially as the cryptocurrency moves up in value. ZPAYae has signed an alliance with His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum (the Crown Prince of Dubai, United Arab Emirates) and started operations in the United Arab Emirates and is now active in 48 countries. They are partnering with royal offices and roping in key business people of UAE for rapid adoption and to build utility presence around the Gulf. This is the new kind of web economy that ZPAYae is building across the Gulf and transforming it as per the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohamed Al Maktoum. 


ZPAE token is an ERC20 token and central to the functions of ZPAYae platform. It is currently listed on LAToken exchange and will be listed on Stex exchange on 1st June of 2020, the token is also getting listed on EMIREX exchange at a later date. The total supply of the token is 230,000,000 ZPAE and is undergoing a private sale on their website. The token private sale started on 29th February 2020. ZPAYae tokens can be accessed through decentralized crypto-wallet made specifically for the distribution of ZPAE in a private sales. The wallet platform features everything it needs in order for people to understand and be part of the ecosystem. It is a one-stop shop for everything in ZPAYae. Individuals can easily transfer their ZPAYae digital tokens from ZPAYae platform to over 200+ crypto wallets already. There are plans to release XPOS point of sale across the gulf and to issue ZPAYae debit cards that will help in seamless transactions anywhere in the gulf. 


ZPAYae is trying to deliver and deploy an entire ecosystem of products that will enable people to earn, spend, and transact crypto making the vision towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain more credible and trustworthy. They are not here just for distribution but are here to change the old outdated system and bring in a new blockchain revolution. ZPAYae is all about building a large Shariah-Compliant business in UAE and other gulf countries to support the blockchain phenomena.